To the editor:

To know Carl Quinn is to love him. I first met Carl many many years ago, 20, when I was a teacher for his nephew in Head Start. His family and I became quick friends. Kids grow up and people grow apart and it’d been years since I’ve seen him. We saw each other again at his mom’s funeral and we chatted and that was it. However, God always finds a way for people to reunite in the strangest of ways. Years later I found myself looking for help for family members suffering from addiction. Along came Carl Quinn. He helped in ways that I could not think of. Ways that were filled with compassion, care, understanding and not just for the addict but for all involved. I do not believe that I have ever met a more gentler, easy going man as Carl. Underneath of his mild mannered exterior however, is a fierce warrior. A fighter, a ring leader, a coach, a motivator and a lion. His passion for helping those who are lost is beyond measure. The amount of lives he’s saved with his program is innumerable. The amount of people of whom he has touched with his heart goes beyond infinity. For me and my family I can say with pride that he is my friend and without a shadow of a doubt the right man to vote for Ghent Town Council. Think of all the good he will do for his town.

Eleanor Kinney


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