To the editor:

I’ve had lawn signs stolen from my property over the years and even wrote a letter to the editor about it. Now I am running for Claverack Town Board and my signs, and the signs of other candidates running on the Democratic line in Claverack, are disappearing from the roadsides. So I’m writing another letter because, not only is it criminal, but it is against our democracy.

I believe the leaders of all parties should make a public statement about this practice. I’ve spoken with Claverack Supervisor Kippy Weigelt and he’s agreed that he’ll put such a statement in “Kippy News,” his campaign e-newsletter. I’ve spoken with Stephanie Sussman, chairman of the Claverack Democrats, and she’s happy to make a public statement and hopes that John Lee, chairman of the Claverack Republican party, will do the same. I’ve written to John Lee asking him to do just that. This practice of stealing or destroying campaign signs subverts the democratic process, the First Amendment, and, in some instances, private property rights. Furthermore, in the current divisive climate, it perpetuates the difficulty of elected officials working together when we do get elected. Campaigns are oppositional but, in the end, when elected we are there for the people of Claverack and not any particular party.

Brenda Shufelt


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This is happening county wide to ALL NON REPUBLICAN CANDIDATES. It is criminal

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