To the editor:

God bless Ron Perez and everyone who was involved in any way with Peaches’ rescue and continuing recovery (CGHS/SPCA and Catskill Animal Hospital and others).

[It’s] a reminder to give generously to the caring of animal charities that perform miracles when it seems like there is not enough hope. Sometimes, sadly, [there is] very little hope because of abuse.

Wishful thinking: More and more people should both contribute to and adopt needy animals.

I would like to see an end someday to the greedy and unconscionable “businesses” of pedigree/designer dog and cat, etc., breeding. [I] hope newspapers such as The Daily Mail begin a trend to “no longer list animals for sale.” The usually “four-figure” amounts could save so many animals really desperate for medical attention, love and caring homes.

[It’s] very sad also that many “puppy mills” animals are euthanized when deemed “not sellable” because of some “feature” that might disqualify them from the other terrible business of so much money wasted on participation and promoting of “show dogs.” Encouragement, of course, to have your animals spayed and neutered. Again, contributions can help to the right animal caring places, plus more awareness about all the sad “practices” that contribute to the overwhelming amount of needy and homeless animals.

Jean M. Dunn


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