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After reading My View by Michael Saltz and a letter sent by Audrey Schoenfeld I feel compelled to respond to both of them.

First! Audrey Schonenfeld does not speak for all of us Democrats here in upstate New York, although this is the intent she portrays. Good Democrats look around and see what’s going on. They’re not going to listen to an Audrey telling them how to vote or believe that the Biden Bill is the greatest thing since manure spreaders. This bill is the worst piece of legislation to come out the White House in 40 years. To put it simply, it will overburden a country that is already overburdened with debt. It’s still a mystery to me why it’s called the Biden bill when it should be called the

Schumer/Pelosi Manifesto or the Puppets bill. Audrey doesn’t understand that our economy at this moment is in tatters, the lazy are still looking for free money, and if history teaches us anything, it teaches that once gas and food prices go sky high they never come back down to acceptable levels. The biggest falsehood ever projected is the rich will pay their fair share in taxes. Flash news Audrey! 80 to 90% of the rich control the pricing on food, commodities and energy, which includes gas and oil, and lets not forget the insurance companies.

Yes the rich may pay their fair share of taxes, but out of our pockets comes that money.

The Democrats are trying to raid the Treasury as surly as the Trump supporter raided the congress. The only difference is that one group used broken glass while the others are using a pen and those using a pen can kill us just as dead as a bullet. And dear Editor, someone should caution Audrey on word usage, when you speak of purging any one group in upstate New York you may be declaring a declaration of war.

Now! As for Mr. award winner, Michael Saltz, who apparently strolled into Hillsdale with the three volumes of Des Kapital under one arm and the Communist Manifesto under the other, all authored by none other then Karl Marx, tells us, most subtly, that most our history is a myth and that what we learned in school about the founders of our country is a lie. To his credit he does briefly, but sheepishly, suggest the point of thinking for ourselves but only after quoting Karl Marx, the father of communism.

The article he wrote,”The Story of Us,” does absolutely nothing to unite the people in a now divided country, but further adds to that division with an attempt to poison the minds of our teenagers and degrade our country. The falsehood that he spews cannot be overlooked. I quote “Texas fight for independence was about slavery” totally false. It was about land, we wanted it and didn’t want to pay for it, so we took it. Must have been Democrats. I ask you Madam/Sir, editors, and the readers use your God given brain and use some logic. Does anyone really think that any Texans would sacrifice himself, his family, his homestead, and his livestock just to keep a few slaves on hand? It was about land, they were allowed to move in and claim it and then when the dictator Santa Anna wanted payment and taxes they said too much. Then they were given the alternative, leave all you have established or die. Now I’m more likely to believe scholars of American history then someone from PBS quoting Karl Marx.

I lived here all my life and I know many who have come here to our county to live and if I were Michael Saltz I would not suggest to them that they are ignorant as parents, or that we’re not capable of righting historical wrongs. As a nation we have made great strides in civil rights.

I’m starting to think PBS stands for Putin’s Bully Strategist. We local yokels might not be as ignorant as Michael thinks and when it comes to our history and our culture we don’t want him or his kind perching Marxism to us, telling us who to vote for, or how to live. We have been doing just fine without his Marxist pearls of wisdom.

Dear Editor, is it any wonder that I compose this letter on December 7th the day of infamy.

Richard Graham


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Audrey G. Schoenfeld

wow! Ignorance comes in all sizes, eh? Even from a Joe Manchin-like Dem. I'm honored to be in the same sentence with Michael Salz, and for that, I thank you.

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