To the editor:

Mike Bober’s opinion piece about New Yorks’s proposed legislation on pet sales is disingenuous. He claims this law would ban the sale of dogs, cats and rabbits, but that’s not what the proposed S.1130/H.4283 would do. Companion animals would still be available at retail outlets — it’s just that the dogs and cats would be sourced from shelters, not puppy mills.

That’s the point of this legislation. The law would tamp down the flow of commercially bred animals coming into New York, most commonly from puppy mills in the Midwest. These animals are bred and raised in crowded, substandard conditions that are barely adequate for survival – where the primary goal is profit. Once shipped to pet stores in New York, unsuspecting buyers purchase them – unaware of the pain and misery behind them.

New York would be replicating the successful policies of other states in enacting this policy. It would also join 350 cities and counties where similar statutes are in place. With more than 5,500 adoptable dogs and cats killed in shelters each year in New York, there is, nor will there be, a shortage of animals available to consumers who can offer a loving home.

Laine Kahlstrom

Seattle, Wash.

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