To the editor:

The Federal Environmental Regulatory Commission (FERC) filed an Environmental Assessment (EA) on the Iroquois pipeline llc Expansion by Compression project (Iroquois ExC) on Sept. 30. Public comments’ deadline is Oct. 30.

The Iroquois ExC would push more gas through its 30 year old pipeline by adding turbines at three compressor stations. First being the Athens NY Compressor station (CS) where new turbines would increase horsepower from 10,000hp to 22,000hp.

This would solely be for clients National Grid and Con Edison to satisfy the “demands” for their natural gas customers downstate. Iroquois proclaims benefits of “Increased property tax revenue for host communities” and “Construction jobs and boost to local economy during construction.”

However, FERC’s EA states, that “Construction and operation of the Project would have minimal impacts on population, employment, transportation, and the local economy.” and “Given Iroquois owns the properties where the new facilities would be installed, we conclude it would not result in a significant, direct increase in tax revenues.”

Would upstate see any benefits or only dangers from the project? Athens Gen is 1/4 mile from Athens CS. The Central Hudson line and Conrail lines cross over the Iroquois pipeline less than 800 feet from the compressor station. FERC indicates these facilities are grandfathered. However, they avoid the question regarding increased compression increasing dangers of breeches and explosions.

I don’t ask that Athens CS be shut down, only that the Iroquois EXC be denied by FERC.

I don’t want “Athens ruins” to have a new meaning.

Mary Finneran


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