To the editor:

It seems all we see on the news is coronavirus coverage and all we can talk about is getting society back to normal. While we all need to stay informed and continue to social distance, it seems we’ve forgotten the Earth has been sick for quite some time now too. We’re asked to stay home, but as humans encroached on wild land, we kicked animals out of their homes. We’re asked to use masks, but as we polluted the air, trees couldn’t keep up with filtering the toxins. We’re asked to not go out to eat with friends, but as we polluted the soil, the animals couldn’t find anything to eat.

The choices we’ve had the privilege to make in the past century, we’ve taken from mother nature, and now that we can’t do those things, some cry our rights are being taken away. Where’s America’s outcry for our Mother Earth? Is it in the leaky oil pipelines we build across wetlands and forests? Is it in the increase in detrimental logging over the past 3 years?

I’m not saying humans deserve this virus, and I’m not saying all hope it lost. I’m just pleading that the next time you go on walk along the road, in the park, or at your favorite conservation area you leave with more trash than you brought. Defend mother Earth, not just on Earth day but every day because without her we wouldn’t have homes, food, or life itself.

Michelle Dufficy


Johnson Newspapers 7.1


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