To the Editor:

Ancramdale Neighbors Helping Neighbors Association, serving Ancram Township including Ancram, Ancramdale and Boston Corners.

During this uncertain time of ever-changing facts and policies facing our community and families as a result of the Covid-19 virus, many of our neighbors will face the reality of furloughed jobs, financial hardships and social isolation.

Ancramdale Neighbors Helping Neighbors stands ready to help in any way we can. We have made necessary changes to our weekly (Monday) food pantry program following CDC guidelines to provide more protection to our volunteers and recipients. We are working closely with the Regional Food Bank to ensure that our supplies remain adequate. If additional families need to come onto the program during the weeks and months ahead, we extend our hand. We can also provide counsel and direction in getting families newly in need of social services to the right local agencies.

All emergency medical issues should be referred to 911 or your personal doctor. The NYS Department of Health Hotline is 1-888-364-3065. If you are elderly and in need of transportation or shopping assistance or simply need to discuss your situation and how we can help, please let us know.

We are fortunate to live in a community of kind, caring neighbors who look out for each other. But like many communities, our volunteer population is aging. In fact, almost all of our volunteers who make the weekly food program happen are in the 60+ category — the age group most vulnerable to Covid-19.

If you are able-bodied, under 60 and can spare an hour or two each week, please let us know. We would welcome your help during this tough time.

For assistance or more information, please call Jack Lindsey at 518-329-7306 and Hila Richardson at 917-414-8270, Co-Chairs of Ancramdale Neighbors Helping Neighbors.

Ancramdale Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Ancram Township

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