To the editor:

“Your body is a temple,” “You are what you eat” are two phrases that often elicit a chuckle or an eye-roll, however, a healthy body can be a strong defense against sickness.

I believe the COVID vaccine contains properties that may ward off severe symptoms. What about the importance of a strong immune system? I’m not a scientist or doctor. Just a person whose grandma and mom taught her about the benefits of healthy eating.

As a teenager and into my twenties, and a bit beyond that, I went rogue. McDonald’s runs, late nights with friends drinking beer and smoking cigarettes followed by early-morning visits to the diner for burgers, grilled cheese sandwiches and sides of gravy-covered french fries. When I finally accepted that what I was consuming was causing health issues, I did research and read articles, reminding myself what I had learned in my childhood. I needed to eat foods that made my body feel good, provided energy and sustainability. With a modern spin on my food choices, I carried on with a healthy way of life.

It rings with truth that it is our responsibility to support our immune system. It’s a complex fortress-like structure that can wear down and eventually fail if not treated with respect and care.

At this time the choice is ours whether to be vaccinated or not, however, the choice has been and will continue to be ours how we live each day.

Rene Roosa


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