To the editor:

Town of Cairo Councilman Doug Ostrander should not recuse himself from the pigpen issue. Here are two important points that your editorial did not fully report:

First, it is a small neighborhood in which Mr. Ostrander lives. How large should a neighborhood be to be before Mr. Ostrander speaks up for it? Surely he has the obligation and duty to speak up for neighborhoods of all sizes, and not exclude his own because it is small.

Second, for more than years, the farmland has been a hayfield. It was about two years ago that Mr. Watts placed his 15 pigpens on that property. To date, the farmland property remains 95 percent hayfield. Sadly, Mr. Watts placed the 15 pigpens on 5 percent of the land that directly borders the small neighborhood. Driving by, you can see that the pigpens were placed as close as possible to the neighborhood. One has to wonder if there is a nefarious motive for placement of the pigpens so close to the neighborhood. Who wants the smells, sounds, sights and unsanitary conditions of pigpens right near their houses?

Hopefully for the sake of all parties, there is a reasonable way to rectify this situation.

Victor Nelson


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