To the editor:

I would like to know how the planning board gets elected. Unfortunately, I (and probably most everyone else) won’t be attending the March 23rd meeting unless you do it via Zoom. My inability to sit on folding chairs for long periods of time precludes my attending pretty much any meeting.

Be that as it may, are you nuts? A Stewart’s with gas tanks right next to the creek? You think having the tanks above ground solves your problem? We live a mile or so from the Friar Tuck. During Irene their above ground kerosene tanks were tipped into the raging creek and that water, stained red from the dye they use in the kerosene, wound up in my basement - 3-1/2 feet of it. You could smell it. It actually leached all the print out of every document I had down there and rendered anything washable unsalvageable. Stop putting toxic substances next to the creek/river! Also, Stewarts deserted Catskill years ago; why would you give them another shot? While I’m at it, don’t let businesses rent buildings unless they have a solid business plan and enough capital to support the business and themselves for two years without needing to draw profits from the business. This is obviously not being done and it’s pretty much Business 101. Do you really think it’s good to have the turnover you do? That’s my rant for the week. Stay safe and help flatten the curve.

Joyce Lissandrello


Johnson Newspapers 7.1


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