To the editor:

For anyone familiar with Israel’s treatment of Palestinians, there isn’t really much new. The Israeli Army is bulldozing houses in the West Bank so that more Jewish settlers can move in. This “ethnic cleansing” is done so that new immigrants from Brooklyn with the right religion can replace Palestinians.

Then there are the attacks on mosques using teargas and rubber bullets. There are the shootings and crippling of protesters determined to save their farms and homes. Or the beating and incarceration of children. We have seen it all before, like an old documentary film on Kristallnacht.

The people of Gaza have endured much more: the genocidal attack on their schools, hospitals, power plants, and sewage systems. Israeli military assaults on Gaza always kill lots of children, hundreds in fact. The ultimate aim of the Israeli Army is extermination, and each new bloodbath tests the boundaries of what Israel can get away with.

What is new about Israel’s murderous behavior is that more Americans are finally becoming aware of our country’s role in perpetuating this carnage. The US protects Israel from the condemnation of the rest of the world at the UN. When it comes to more bombs, missiles and planes, the US is always there to arm and fund the monstrous Israeli war machine. And most of our Congress is simply paid off by the Israel Lobby. Our “progressive” Rep. Delgado, for example, rakes in $30,000 per year from the Lobby and has never uttered the word apartheid.

Fred Nagel


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