To the editor:

After reading the front-page story Tuesday August 10, 2021: “More patriot Front stickers found,” I wonder if anyone else has the same thoughts as me. No one I asked had ever heard of this organization, except people who had read about them in the Register-Star. I’ll admit I don’t really encounter anyone known to be an extremist to ask them that question but, that is the point of my observation. Who is the intended target of the stickers?

If the purpose of putting these stickers up is to advertise the existence of the group, I doubt few people even saw the first stickers. If they did see them, did they have any Idea who the group was or what they espouse?

After three front-page stories with photographs, thousands of people have now seen the sticker and now know what the group stands for and how to contact the group should they wish to support or join them.

Was that not the purpose of the individual who put up the stickers in the first place? It was clearly more effective to not put them up all at once, and get a story, but by putting a few up every few weeks he/she got three headlines with pictures to promote the organization.

James R. Yager


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