To the editor:

Sally Hogan has estabished herself as a benchmark within our community for many years. She speaks up often on critical issues affecting our community. She leads with confidence. While believing in standing up against the wrongs. She is not afraid to use her First Ammendment right, to get her community’s views out. Forcing her to be censored just because of other’s own opinions or personal feelings is wrong. This Covid-19 pandemic has brought on more questions than answers, since it began. Ms. Hogan has brought this out, along with our continuing use of the masks. That many within our community feel it should end. She has great respect for the community’s, her colleague’s, and each American point of view. She is a strong believer in our U.S. Constitution and for what it stands for. She has always carried herself to be a honest person with everyone, including her colleagues. All while never appearing to be anytime be biased or to work in a none bipartisan way. She goes about her business everday by making solid decisions. That would benefit the majority of her community. She also tries with all her decisions, to be fair. Even with her colleagues. As a person, Sally has reached out to many and has kept in close contact with many from her community, especially at town events. She has become well known. Her loyalty is to her people. She never lets anything get in her way. She listens, then acts responsibly. She stands with us.

Ed Igras


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