To the editor:

Beware of history repeating itself. It almost never happens in the same place but it does happen. I refer you the infamous Ernst Rohm who led the Nazi Party as an enforcer. Rohm was in fact a gay male and many of his lieutenants were transgender men.

When Rohm and his followers, the Brown Shirts, were not engaged a love fest in gay bars they were burning, looting and killing the Jewish people of Germany. The fact is they supported Adolf Hitler and brought this monster to power. One of first things Brown Shirts made sure of is that citizens outside of the Nazi party could not own a gun.

Eventually Hitler with the aid of the Brown Shirts was elected to lead the country and disarmed all who opposed them. Rohm and his lieutenants’ behavior became so blatant they were later executed, but the damage was done and the path had been set by Rohm’S SA troops.

So now the county Democrats have a new leader and a prosecutor at that. This is a part of history that the Democrats would like us to forget. But I won’t allow it. I don’t need eight pages, of the Rabbit Hole, a document your paper printed that was just full of falsehoods, deceptions, and omissions to try to sway my vote or my thinking nor change historical facts.

Many an early Democrat came here many years ago because of what their party was doing to cities like NYC, White Plans, Yonkers to name a few. They wanted to escape those who that were turning the cities into septic systems of crime and corruption and those that were creating the damage then, are now doing it here and throughout the state with their one-party rule, the Bail-reform law and the killing of the unborn people at eight and nine months. Oh wait did I say one party rule. Ernst Rohm and his Brown Shirts must be laughing and celebrating from the graves.

I close with this. If the Democrats feel that restitution is owed by white America to the Afro-American community for what happen 150 years ago shouldn’t the gay community owe restitution to the Jewish community for what happen a mere 80 years ago.

I am a Registered Democrat not a Registered idiot. And, I am an American first.

Richard Graham RN


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