To the editor:

Michelle Hinchey, who wants to be a State Senator, has an appalling voting record. She rarely voted prior to running for State Senator. Ms. Hinchey never voted in 2007, 2009, and 2011 in Ulster County. Ms. Hinchey lived in NYC from 2011–2016, where she also failed to vote. In 2017, Ms. Hinchey moved back to Ulster County and again no record of her vote. In June 2018, there was an important democratic primary for the 19th NY Congressional seat, and again Ms. Hinchey failed to vote. In February 2018, there was a very important special election for the 102nd assembly district seat, where the democratic candidate lost by a small number of votes, and again Ms. Hinchey failed to vote! Ms. Hinchey never voted in a presidential primary before 2020.

Ms. Hinchey, despite coming from a political family, has shown very little interest in participating in our democracy. Michelle Hinchey’s failure to vote is troubling, and women had to fight for this right! Ms. Hinchey’s lack of action clearly shows she is not ready to be a State Senator.

*Michelle Hinchey’s voting record was received from the Ulster County Board of Elections.

Maria Walski

West Coxsackie

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Gary Greenberg for NY

There was not any primary so no votes were taken Ms. Marder . Michelle Hinchey hired a high priced democratic establishment lawyer from Westchester County to take our campaign to State Supreme Court . The lawsuit was thrown out because the Hinchey campaign used the Rensselaerville Town Chairman as the plaintiff .

Town Chairman cannot be plaintiffs in election lawsuits per NYS election law .

We had 337 valid signatures. The state board of elections on a Hinchey campaign complaint using archaic election law objecting to technicalities such as 3 looking like a 1 ,i not being dotted , t not being crossed and voters putting the wrong town in such as you live in New Baltimore but your mailing address is West Coxsackie.

Michelle has no record or experience in passing legislation. This past March she submitted petitions to run for Ulster County Democratic committee-person.

Michelle petitions were objected to by a fellow Ulster County Democratic. Michelle withdrew her petitions knowing that the board of elections would invalidate them .

Michelle did not vote in two key elections in the 46th district .

Our own Aiden O’Connor ran for the 102nd Assembly seat in a special election Feb 2018 when Peter Lopez left the Assembly . Aiden lost by a few hundred votes .

Michelle Hinchey per her voting records which anyone can do a freedom of information request to see for themselves from the Ulster County Board of elections .

Michelle voting record shows no vote was recorded for Aidens election in any form or manner.

For the federal congressional 19th district primary June 2018 which Congressman Delgado won . Michelle did not vote for Delgado or anyone else because her records prove she never voted in any manner .

Michelle never voted in 2007, 2009,2011 and 2017 .

There is no records of Michelle voting when she lived in New York City . There is no record of Michelle voting in any presidential primary prior 2020.

Michelle Hinchey coming from the most prominent political family in Ulster County could not find the time to vote for candidates or issues she now says are so important to the 46th district.

In fact Gary Greenberg has a lifetime of public service ,

a former Albany County legislator, a businessman, government employee , a past leader in the Junior Chamber of Commerce, 36 year member of Elks , minority owner of Vernon Downs hotel and casino , and founding member of committee to bring Ulster and Greene County involvement into the United Jewish Federation of Northeastern NY .

Mr. Greenberg a survivor of a heinous crime as a young child had spent a lifetime fighting for victims of crimes and their loved ones . In 2016 you formed the Fighting for Children PAC to rid the legislature of Senators who would not support the Child Victims Act . Greenberg held 30 rallies across NYS with Republican and Democratic state senate candidates . He spent his own money to publicize the importance of passing the Child Victims Act .

In 2019 the Child Victims Act and Erin’s law were signed into law by Gov. Cuomo . Greenberg is CEO of ProtectNYKids and is a national hero to victims of child sexual abuse for his work .

Gary has earned your vote with hard work and dedication to the 46th district.

Write-In Gary Greenberg on your ballot .


This letter is a fabrication based on shoddy incomplete research by a write in candidate who could not get enough votes to be on the official ballot. When Michelle Hinchey could not vote in person she voted by absentee ballot. These accusations are an attempt to diminish the candidate who has outstanding district wide support because of her clear stands on the issues, the actions she's taken to help our communities during the covid 19 crisis, and her comprehensive plans for the future. A vote for Michelle is a vote for positive change for our upstate communities, families, farmers, workers, small businesses, and all those living and working in the 46th State Senate district. Thankyou.

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