To the editor:

The Israeli Lobby is the hidden enemy of progressive reform, both in England and in United States. Jeremy Corbin and the Labour Party championed the rights of English working people against the Conservative Party and its all powerful corporate interests. Charges of antisemitism against Corbin dominated much of the last campaign, leading to the election of a Trump clone, Boris Johnson.

In the US, Sanders, Warren, and the progressive wing of the Democratic Party have all been smeared by the same label. We have yet to see if Israel Lobby money can destroy America’s hopes for economic reform.

Johnson, Trump, and Netanyahu represent the new wave of fascist thought, all predicated on the call for ethnic and racial “purity” in troubled economic times. Their ascension to power, in fact, comes from the neoliberal drift of the last several decades that has brought victory to the billionaire class over the vast majority of workers.

Racism is the weapon of choice for demagogues seeking power. All three leaders offer a constant refrain of racist comments to keep their base inflamed. Johnson speaks hatefully of all immigrants, characterizing them as parasites. Trump thinks it is fair game to attack Mexicans, Arabs, women, gays, or any other vulnerable group he can demonize. Netanyahu simply urges his Jewish citizens to ever tighten their noose around the necks of the Palestinians.

Political power built on racism brings an end to democracy, a terrible price to pay for leaders who would replace the common good with hate.

Fred Nagel


Johnson Newspapers 7.1


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