To the editor:

The phrase “Build Back Better” might not be as catchy as some, but it defines critical legislation proposed by congressional Democrats and President Biden to invest in America and American families.

BBB is constructed to help Americans with a leg up to prosperity.

Americans will prosper when, on their way to work, they can drop off their kids at high-quality daycare settings. Peace of mind enables people to work effectively and creatively.

Americans will prosper by knowing their children are getting a powerful jump start on their education with universal Pre-K.

Americans will prosper with paid family leave that gives new parents the chance to bond with their newborns and deal with health care complications.

With a continuing expanded childcare tax credit, American parents will be freed from agonizing decisions about paying rent or buying food for their families.

Many more Americans will prosper with expanded health care access through Affordable Care Act subsidies and Medicaid, making it easier to pursue better job opportunities.

With the BBB legislation Democrats are showing that they understand the challenges of family life and care about all Americans’ quality of life. What did radical Republicans do when they controlled congress and the White House to support American people? They exercised their power by cutting taxes for the super wealthy and corporations that enriched themselves with stock buybacks. Did those radical Republicans, when they had the opportunity, advance legislation to address stagnant wages, crushing child care costs, unaffordable health insurance? They did not.

Who do you trust to be on your side? Trust your eyes and ears. Let your representatives know you support Build Back Better’s investment in American people.

Tom Denton


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