To the editor:

Boy Scouts of America is one of the nation’s largest youth development organizations. The troop I belong to, Boy Scout Troop 2114 of Valatie, is chartered by the First Presbyterian Church of Valatie. Our troop is very active. We do a lot of hiking and camping, and other outdoor activities. We travel to Lake Placid every January for winter activities, and every five years we travel to Colorado and Utah for two weeks of hiking, climbing and camping — this trip is scheduled for the summer of 2021. We are also active helping others in our community.

One of the ways we raise money for our activities is by collecting returnable bottles. We have two bright orange bottle collection boxes — one at the Caro-Vail factory in Niverville, and another at Mario’s True Value Hardware Store in Valatie (to the right of the rental section). Scouts take turns collecting the bottles in the boxes. People can help our troop by donating returnable bottles in these bottle boxes. The money that is raised is used to help fund our activities, including our out west trip for next year.

In addition, people can pick up pre-marked Clink bags that they can return bottles in to Hannaford in Valatie or any other Clink outlet, or alternatively people can use when they drop bags off at our bottle boxes. All of these options will support our troop. Please contact our scoutmaster at in order to arrange pickup of Clink bags.

”Fast” Eddy Bailey

Tenderfoot Scout, Bottle Coordinator

BSA Troop 2114, Valatie

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