To the editor:

What a nation of idiots we have become. Health issues are not choice matters, they involve the well-being of everyone. The California lottery is the most recent outrage to common sense. Everyone medically able should be vaccinated for the well being of all individuals. Instead of giving a few vaccine evaders millions as a reward for their actions the government should insist on vaccination to attend school, go to work, travel, etc and the way is quite simple: If you decide not to be vaccinated and subsequently become infected your medical treatment should not be covered by any insurance. You choice, you pay. Why should insurance companies and tax payers cover for your behavior? If your children are not vaccinated because you as their parent did not see to their health then you should pay for their treatment and be charged with child abuse. If that child should die because of your refusal to vaccinate you should be charged with second degree manslaughter child abuse. Preventing potentially fatal disease is not an optional matter like brushing your teeth. Grow up America. The deluded resisters are a danger to me, to you, to their families and the nation.

Harrison Meeske


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