To the editor:

On behalf of the Columbia County EMS Coordinators Office, I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge EMS week and recognize all our dedicated EMS providers in Columbia County.

This year’s EMS Week theme is “Ready today. Preparing for tomorrow.” How appropriate this theme is as we respond to the current COVID–19 pandemic, the likes of which we have never experienced in our careers. As we look back on the events and challenges of the last several months, I am confident that we will gain critical educational and operational changes that will improve the delivery of EMS services for years to come.

All of you as EMS providers are deserving of special recognition this year especially, given the extra precautions you must now take to protect yourselves, your patients and your families. You are truly on the frontline in protecting our community and for that, as appointed representatives of the Board of Supervisors and on behalf of the residents of Columbia County, we express our deepest gratitude. You have all risen to the challenge of this pandemic, as individuals, agencies and collaboratively as a system. Your professionalism, dedication and compassion for what you do does not go unnoticed and for that, we will be forever grateful.

We’d be remiss to not also recognize our fellow Emergency Services partners who work alongside us in our mission; the nurses, physicians, 911 dispatchers, Fire and Law Enforcement responders all play an integral role in keeping both us and our community safe.

Once again, our thanks to you all. Happy EMS Week, and continue to be safe.

PJ Keeler

Columbia County EMS Coordinator


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