To the editor:

Have you not listened to the scientific and medical community: WHO, CDC, Dr. Fauci?

Yes, the entire world wants to return to “normalcy.” But until a vaccine, it is a “new normal,” requiring modifications in our behavior. How disrespectful to the doctors, nurses, first responders who have and still are risking their lives and those who have lost their lives in this pandemic. Some people do not “get it.”

Are you not aware of the churches that did open in other states and transmitted the virus? A church congregation in Arkansas affected 35 attendees who in turn affected 21 in the community; 3 died.

Fewer restrictions in congregating (a main source of spread), requires more testing. Are there adequate tests available in the county? The last I knew there were not.

I also noted and was distressed at the “incendiary language” within the resolution. (Not pertinent to COVID-19) as was stated. Any perceptive person can read between the lines.

The statement regarding demonstrations being in response to a “single tragic death” — the writer seems oblivious to the significance and history from which they arise. An apparent affliction of myopic vision.

I am relieved this resolution was defeated.

Lynda Peterson


Johnson Newspapers 7.1


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