To the editor:

In the recent piece, “Delgado and Pelosi deceive,” former Rep. John Faso makes a valiant effort in his own attempt to deceive the public about the United States Postal Service.

First, Faso attempts to defend President Trump by claiming Trump and Republicans are not aggressively undermining the Postal Service to secure electoral advantage. I’m sure Faso is aware Trump came right out and admitted to Fox Business’s Maria Bartiromo he is blocking Postal Service funding in a new coronavirus relief bill to hamper Democrats’ mail-in voting efforts.

Calling it “financially prudent and consistent with modern accounting standards,” Faso also alludes to the 2006 Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act, which requires the Postal Service to calculate all its anticipated pension costs for 75 years and set aside five billion dollars per year to cover future employees.

Would anyone sign a mortgage requiring enough money be set aside to pay the entire balance AND continue make 30-year payments?

This absurdity is what Postal Service must endure.

While Faso is correct there was a reduction of postal drop boxes during the Obama administration, it was not due to the administration’s admitted voter suppression.

Faso conveniently withholds the name of the “busy mail house business in Albany” he claims to have contacted about slower mail service. I would like to know what it was.

The Postal Service is not supposed to make a profit any more than the Pentagon. It exists solely to provide a service to the American people.

Faso is being disingenuous.

Ted Millar


Johnson Newspapers 7.1


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