To the editor:

This year has been one of the most difficult years for me and my family. My mother and I are immuno-compromised, and we both suffer from high blood pressure among other COVID-19 comorbidities. We’ve stuck out this year together, taking as best care of each other as we can — but my concern for our health and safety continues to grow as rates across New York and the country rise.

In addition to my duties as my mother’s caregiver, I am also considered an essential worker, putting me at increased risk of contracting this virus. I do not have the option to shelter at home and I can’t help but fear I’ll be exposed at work and bring it home and expose my mother who lives with me. It has been a horrible reality to contend with this year; balancing financial needs with my duty to the public and my obligations to my mother.

For these reasons I am enthusiastically looking forward to the release of a vaccine — not only to live with less fear, but to also get our lives, the economy, and small businesses back on track. As immuno-compromised individuals, I hope that my mother and I will benefit from this vaccine sooner rather than later. Regardless, it is imperative that our lawmakers do all they possibly can to support the American biopharmaceutical industry that is tirelessly working to bring safe and effective coronavirus vaccines to market as quickly as possible.

Patrick Francis


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