To the editor:

As we fight the virus invasion, we should remember that most of the earth’s people face such challenges throughout their lives. Hundreds of thousands of impoverished immigrants search for a better life, a safer life. They are living lives of ongoing desperation. However, every day we hear of some new scheme to punish this immigrant population and make their already incredibly difficult lives even more horrific. Our current government indeed takes pride in such cruelty. The more the better. Here are some stories to reflect on:

Lubia Sasvin Perez of Guatemala watched her ex-boyfriend kill her mother and disfigure her father in a fit of rage. Penalties incurred were light or non-existent. Now she and her family sit in extreme poverty and wait for the cycle of domestic violence to return.

Ron came to this country from Israel 11 years ago. He worked hard to build a successful business and provide his family a decent life. He and his family live each day in fear knowing that the slightest misstep could result in deportation. Ron’s mother lived in Israel, became very ill and recently died, but Ron could not visit her because he would never be allowed to return to this country.

In 2017, 41 per cent of the women and girls killed in Honduras showed signs of mutilation.

Heide Hernandez of Honduras faces the rest of her life without feet because her jealous husband HACKED them off with a machete.

Long-time, but undocumented, residents of this country are left to sit in fear that their lives may be completely upended and replaced by deportation. We will be sending them back to lives which will be painful and often deadly. Equally dire are the futures of thousands of DACA students who live on the edge of destruction after growing up here, becoming successful citizens and creating a rewarding future. Every day is filled with fear.

Our government’s response is that these immigrants are lying, that they are coming here to live criminal lives, undeserving of asylum. The majority of these people come to us because they can no longer live their lives in such desperation. There is no interest in Washington for granting assistance or asylum. Instead, all sorts of barriers are set up with no regard to an immigrant’s circumstances or background. Our political leaders love to call America a religious nation, but we are certainly not acting that way. Where are our leaders of faith during this nationwide trauma? Where is the outrage? Such cruelty must never become acceptable to any of us.

Horrendous human environments exist throughout the world. If we don’t, at least, try to help, who else will.

Christian Pfister


Johnson Newspapers 7.1


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