To the editor:

On Saturday, May 9, adults and children came out for Coxsackie’s first River Sweep. This activity is part of the Riverkeeper’s work to help improve the quality of the Hudson River by encouraging those that live on the Hudson River to volunteer their time each spring in cleaning up the river. Riverkeeper is a not for profit organization that helps to monitor the water quality of the Hudson River to ensure that over 9 million people have a safe and clean source of drinking water. The river is also a source of recreation including swimming and boating. Volunteers all along the Hudson River assist Riverkeeper in monitoring the water quality. River Sweep is the largest volunteer effort to clean the Hudson River with more than 100 participating sites along the river. The river still suffers from discharges of untreated sewage in times of storms due to an outdated system to deal with stormwater runoff.  Volunteers in Coxsackie helped to clean up Riverside Park by raking up leaves, picking up branches, weeding flower beds, and collecting litter. All those that helped out had a great time in working with others who have a common goal of improving our community and environment. To find out more on volunteering with Riverkeeper please go to or contact Dana Gulley at 845-661-2224. The Coxsackie Senior Center sponsors environmental documentaries that are hosted by Jeffrey Haas on the first and third Wednesdays of each month at 6 p.m. For more information please call 518-478-5414 or e-mail

Jeffrey Haas


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