To the editor:

I’m flummoxed by this week’s headlines regarding masking. The county officials need to step up to the plate. Public health is not about an individual’s choice; it’s for the good of the PUBLIC.

Vaccine roll outs have been anemic. It is obvious by Doreen Davis’ map on Facebook that the majority of under vaccinated (30-40%) communities are those without a supermarket pharmacy, stand alone pharmacy or senior center. By now, someone should have addressed this.

Mr. Handel says this has been “around for a long time now”. Not true, we now have the Delta variant, which has not reached peak here, and the Omicron variant, which will be arriving in a week or two and is much more contagious. His quote indicates COVID’s under control here; it’s not. The positivity rate hasn’t dropped below 8% in weeks, even though Greene County Public Health stopped publishing it’s daily figures. Mr. Gardner is worried about raising hands, taking a stand and drawing attention to themselves. Seriously?!

A couple of overdoses Greene County goes into panic mode. You should be in panic mode — over COVID! Mr. Groden and Sheriff Kusminsky had a good laugh over the governor’s mandate. The mandate should be their priority until the county’s numbers come down to an acceptable level. I hope that Omicron doesn’t cause the level of illness Delta does or they’ll really learn what not having time or resources is as they’ll be too busy figuring out what to do with the sick and dying.

Joyce Lissandrello


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