To the editor:

In reference to the article about the Town of Durham Board meeting written by Melanie Lekocevic, I would like to make a few comments in order to clear a few things up.

The first thing I would like to comment on is Preston Jones’ comment that we could have purchased the land if we wanted to preserve it. This was quite nervy of him considering a member of our community had an accepted offer on the property, but the realtor accepted an offer from Preston without going back to her to ask her to match his offer, which she would have gladly done. In addition, members of the community offered to buy the land back from Preston, but he refused.

Secondly, the reason that there was so much outrage and unfortunately some people were less than polite, is because it was announced at the beginning that there would be no discussion or comments allowed. Members of the community had to sit quietly and listen to the board rubber stamp every single item that was before them, without input. The article states that the board voted little or no environmental impact on several of the questions. In fact the board voted little or no environmental impact on every single question. This completely defies logic. It also goes against the answers given by our environmental expert.

Shawn Marriott continues to try to paint everyone who is against this project as unwelcoming to newcomers. This could not be further from the truth. We all are extremely welcoming of new people into our community. A development is not a new community member. A development is a money making endeavor that affects not only our natural habitat, but our quality of life. We continue to welcome new people. I personally find it insulting and offensive that he keeps putting this narrative forward.

Michele Dellinger


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