To the editor:

Recently our town, Taghkanic has gone through a re-assessment processes, however where is the due process in this event. With government offices closed the people have no recourse to mount a reasonable defense against over evaluation. Nor can they collect the proper comparison data to present to the grievance board, if in fact grievance day goes forward.

We can’t even be assured that the courts will be open to file an article 7 and/or 78s and many do not possess or have the capability to do it electronically.

One thing we do know is that, according to our Town assessor, that roll will be filed in the county clerk’s office on May 1, 2020.

Now folks, it’s safe to say when you see a 2.4 acre parcel that is half wet land and the other flooded with an assessment that goes from $13,300 to $35,000, it’s a good bet that the assessor is not taking his medication or the town is scamming.

Now it begs the question where is Gov. Cuomo, that my local paper loves so much. Being he enjoys signing executive orders why not sign one to suspend the assessment filing until next year. An order to suspend would not put the town through the additional expense of re-evaluation the following year and it would allow residents and citizens of the USA to have fair impartial hearings and not be placed at a total disadvantage.

Also one might ask where is our state representation on this matter, where is this DiDi Barrett. Being she is the Governor’s yes vote on abortions, bail-reform, sanctuary cities and gun laws you think she would come out of hiding and grab his ear for the people that elected her.

Another question is why isn’t the attorney general’s office investigating why these assessments values that have been creeping up every year as much as 108% at a time without any notification of increase. Oh wait!! I forgot they’re busy suing drug companies, the President, and the NRA while the rest of us fall victim to a tax assessment scam. It seem to me that criminals and illegal immigrants are being treated better then the tax paying home owner. I would suggest that we all start calling the Governor’s office and this so called ‘representative’ we have and demand something be done to enforce the constitutional rights of us all. We can’t let a local town government take advantage of a national health crisis and pick our pockets.

Richard Graham


Johnson Newspapers 7.1


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