To the editor:

Having lived through World WarII and served as a Navy Veteran during the Korean War, I fear what is on the horizon for the people of America.

The Left has accused all white people of being racists. They have attempted to destroy free speech, and are trying to take away our freedoms. I fear we are following in the steps of Nazi Germany, Russia, China, Cuba, North Korea and Venezuela. After Obama and the Left spent 24 hours a day for 8 years dividing our country, they are now telling everybody, “Let’s all get together.” Is anybody listening and watching to what is happening in this once free country?

Our colleges are overloaded with leftist professors, who tell our children how terrible America was and presently is. Add to this attack on freedom, the liberal-left news media that only reports one side of an issue, and the anti-god church movement by our political leaders on the left, it almost seems hopeless to maintain our freedoms. I haven’t heard of one conservative college not allowing free speech, nor have I seen conservatives rioting, killing and breaking windows while their leaders on the left want to defund the police. Most Democrat liberal cities are in serious trouble (crime & poverty) and their citizens continue to vote for leftist politicians who only want their vote and then they let them continue to suffer.

Have we forgotten what it cost our ancestors to give us this great country of free speech, freedom, a great Declaration and Constitution? Presently, we are seeing claims of tremendous fraud in our election process. More than half of our news media remain silent, Why? Let the truth prevail, let’s hear both sides. Fair elections are crucial to a free society. If there is no fraud, the courts and the law will determine the truth, not the media.

May God, who has blessed America, help us as we continue to work for preserving freedom.

God Bless America

James T. Varelas

East Jewett

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