To the editor:

If the election of President Biden to the Presidency is valid, with no election fraud (?) then the American people have chosen a Socialist, extreme-left direction for America to pursue for the next four years. As one who lived through World War II in the ‘40s and served my country in the US Navy during the Korean War of the ‘50s, my perspective of America’s future has me worried for my children and grandchildren and the country I love.

President Trump initiated so many good policies for America (look at the facts) both national and foreign, that gave us 4 years of tremendous economic growth and security that I’m amazed the American people rejected his policies and the direction we were going. Energy independence being one important one, along with strengthening our military defenses.

As I look at the Socialist tax and spend policies, the appeasement of our dangerous enemies and the dismantling of our energy independence, I fear for America. Biden never made good decisions while serving as a Congressman or Senator while in government for over 40 years. He’s on the same road today, being influenced by the Socialists and the extreme left in his party. America was founded upon freedom, faith, family and work. Are we neglecting these great standards of freedom, growth and prosperity for all, in favor of failing Socialist policies which do not work? The tax and spend policies, putting our children in tremendous debt, limiting our free speech, control over our lives and open borders will soon bring upon America and our children great suffering!

What is happening to limited government that our founders gave us? Are we loosing the values of freedom, work and family in America? Our schools and universities are being infiltrated with leftest ideas.

Be prepared to know why you’re voting for a return to freedom and limited government in the 2022 elections and get involved in the solution and direction of our country before it’s too late!

May God help America in this coming crisis. “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” (John F Kennedy)

James T. Varelas

East Jewett

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