To the editor:

On March 12, 2021 it was a day that President Biden went on TV and said it was to be a day to remember and celebrate one year ago today this date that the COVID-19 made American and the world come to a pandemic halt, that everyone’s lives stood still.

However, was it a day to celebrate at all when more than 567,000 citizens have died to COVID-19 virus. In the beginning of this virus, the government lied to the American people about how and where and what this virus was and how to protect yourself.

Now since the Biden administration is in, everything is in the clear and getting somewhat back to normal, and the citizens of America are getting the much needed vaccines.

Today, what will need to be doing one year later, we should be thanking everyone that put their lives at risk, the following is a risk of people that need to thank, all nurses and doctors, all hospital workers, all police officers, all grocery store workers, all politicians for putting their safety plans in place, all emergency line workers — EMT paramedics, etc., all sanitation workers, all highway workers, all teachers for teaching during this special time, it was extraordinary and they did and are still doing an excellent job, all restaurant workers, all postal workers and FedEx and UPS workers, especially those that helped to deliver the vaccines to the hospitals and other places, all media outlets to keep us up to date about things, all food banks, social service agencies and other agencies that helped people during this sad time. Most importantly if I forgot anyone your help was truly appreciated also.

It just goes to show, during a pandemic or any emergency, Americans always come together to help one another.

That is what makes America so great, everyone always pulls together. Please continue to wash your hands, wear your mask, stay six feet apart, we will learn from this and be prepared for the next time.

In closing, thank you all once again. God bless America, after the pandemic the germs are still around, so still wash your hands and be careful of your surroundings for awhile.

Elton D. Vandermark Jr.


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