To the editor:

A great threat to our privacy will be presented as House Bill 350. The bill poses many problems to the left as right. The updates are aimed at the right, they can easily be used against any activists, even one like MLK.

H.R.350 is a bipartisan bill that the ACLU states “The definition of domestic terrorism is broad enough to encompass the activities of several prominent activist campaigns and organizations.”

This bill weaponizes the Government to legalize spying on any group that questions the party in power of government. This bill targets the BLM and Antifa movements as well if they go outside of what the party in power deems acceptable.

The mere mention of relations between Trumpism (often referred to as White Supremist) was tied to those actions taken by Wall Street Bets recently by Chris Cilliza of CNN with his addition of “(It’s worth noting that Reddit was also a gathering spot for some of the most ardent Trump supporters in 2016.)”

This is very concerning - This bill will weaponize the Federal Government to legalize spying on the Right Wing and anyone who threatened those in power’s rule. I believe that writing the White House through their Contact Us works. I believe contacting local Representatives by email, calls, letters, responses to Twitter and Facebook work. This is not a good addition to this bill for either party. Our fight for privacy and freedom might be the thing that finally unites a divided country.

Alithea Rose


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