If you’re looking for some good news to take into the Thanksgiving holiday, nearly 100 school district employees lined up to get their COVID-19 vaccination booster shot at Catskill High School on Friday.

A steady stream of employees made their way into the CHS gym to get their shots. In all, 95 people, including six children between the ages of 12 and 17, were scheduled to get the COVID-19 vaccination booster shot.

The clinic, dubbed Vax to School, was successful in two ways. It provided the school district employees an opportunity to set a good example for Catskill students of all ages, and most importantly help secure a healthier future for the school children and the district as a whole.

Greene County is still lagging behind neighboring counties for the basic vaccination. Just a little more than 63% of Greene County residents — less than two out of three — have received at least one vaccine dose as of Friday. Those are not good numbers.

Catskill is not the only school district to boast a high turnout.

VIP Star Network site administrator Mark McCoy represented the vendor hosting the clinic. McCoy and his team, which included a pair of nurses to administer the shots, also held clinics at Coxsackie Middle School and Scott M. Ellis Elementary School in Greenville three weeks ago on the same day.

The clinics gave 140 booster shots in Coxsackie and Greenville for the teachers and the staff. The nurses also gave shots to a handful of children at those sites.

By turning out in large numbers at the clinics in Catskill, Coxsackie and Greenville, teachers and other staff can bolster education about the safety and necessity of getting vaccinated and serve as role models to make sure our young people have the best possible opportunity to stay healthy.

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