Many contests from Election Day wait be finalized and certified, but that doesn’t have to stop us from making a few observations. Tuesday’s credo might well be “The more things change, the more they stay the same.”

Don Krapf, a Democrat relatively unknown to the voting public, ousted incumbent Republican Columbia County Sheriff David Bartlett in a surprise result. Krapf has vowed to overhaul the sheriff’s office to make it more transparent and diversified. We’ll see if he can make good on that promise.

Voters in the town of Chatham staged something of a youth movement Tuesday when they elected Destiny Hallenbeck, a 21-year-old college student and 2018 Chatham High School graduate, to a seat on the town council. We haven’t checked the history, but Hallenbeck could very well be the youngest candidate ever elected to public office in the town.

In the second part, voters in Greene County Legislature District No. 7, representing Hunter, Lexington, Halcott, elected Daryl Legg, the Democratic town supervisor of Hunter, to the Legislature to replace retired Democratic lawmaker Larry Gardner. Cairo district voters re-elected Democrat Harry Lennon to a new legislative term and chose newcomer Sherry B. True to succeed retired lawmaker William B. Lawrence. In District 1 Catskill, voters placed their confidence in the tried-and-true and re-elected four Republican stalwarts — Matthew Luvera, Michael Bulich, Jack Keller and Linda Overbaugh — who faced some tough competition in Democratic challengers Doreen Davis and Jeffrey Friedman.

All this jockeying circled toward the same result: No change to the makeup of the Legislature. Republicans still hold firm control with a 12-2 majority.

In Cairo, Democrat Ted Banta’s hopes for a political comeback were denied as voters elected incumbent Town Councilman Jason Watts to succeed John Coyne as town supervisor. His first-term goals include the community center, the ambulance building and the walking path around the town park.

Voters struck a chord in Tuesday’s election. They are serious about the winds of change, but they also want security and stability. The people have spoken. Now, it’s the candidates’ turn to respond.

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