As we remember all too well, COVID-19 vaccinations were few and far between early in the pandemic. Vaccinations were phased in slowly starting with the old at home and in managed care facilities, then sifting down to health care workers and others on the front lines, then to young adults and teenagers.

The shift came as we realized the pandemic was surging and its victims kept dying. Suddenly, the rush to get vaccinated was overwhelming. Then we learned we had to get a second shot. Just as abruptly, the momentum to get vaccinated waned to the point where localities tried everything to generate new interest.

That’s where we are now as the COVID-19 booster shot is unveiled.

The Columbia County Department of Health was scheduled to hold booster shot pods Thursday and Friday. Registration for the booster pods can be found on the county department of health website. As of Tuesday morning, 250 people signed up to receive a booster shot at the Thursday night pod and 150 people signed up so far for the Friday morning pod. More than 110 people signed up for the Friday afternoon pod.

Meanwhile, Greene County Public Health is accepting sign-ups for notifications of clinics for booster-shot doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. At this time, only immunocompromised individuals are eligible to receive a third dose, and only Moderna and Pfizer vaccines are available for the booster shots.

So, let’s remember the feelings of relief and excitement the vaccine stirred in us as the way back to normality. If we show the enthusiasm for the booster shots that we demonstrated for the vaccine early in the pandemic, it may truly stop people from getting sick or dying. If we don’t, the pandemic will roll on unchecked.

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