If these were normal times, we would be talking about spring break, back-to-school, maybe even graduation and the religious holidays Easter and Passover in early April.

But these are not normal times. The coronavirus continues to spread through New York state. The spring breakers stayed close to home, either because of travel restrictions, in quarantine or under the “stay at home” state mandate. Schools are closed for an indefinite period. Masses are either canceled or are live streaming services as the pandemic makes large assemblies untenable.

Local governments are doing their best to keep essential services going. Last Friday, Greene County officials issued an unprecedented “keep-out” warning for non-county residents to stay away to protect the safety and health of county residents. A man self-quarantining at his second home in Columbia County is reported to have died over the weekend. But he did not contract the virus in Columbia County, according to the report. With many students dependent on schools to provide what may be their only meals of the day, schools are planning to expand food delivery to students at home.

On what might be called the lighter side of the news, distilleries across the country, including at least one in Columbia County, are producing hand sanitizer. Who would have thought?

If you’re looking for a silver lining, Gov. Andrew Cuomo talked for the first time today about a plan to restart the state’s economy, saying the status quo is not sustainable. But, the governor added, such a program is probably months away. Hopefully, it will be sooner rather than later.

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Saying stay out but failing to plan isn’t a plan. There’s no hospital here. We are building a big jail we never needed instead. There are few Corona infections only because we’re not testing. There’s no triage planned, no ventilators and no respirators. CMH’s ER was 80% full before Covid-19. Pathetic!

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