Meet anyone in the Greater Hudson Promise Neighborhood and chances are excellent they were touched by Tamarah Jones.

Jones had a gift for inspiring people at a young age. She began her work as a community leader helping children and families in the Hudson community as a teenager with the Columbia County Youth Project. Later, she joined the Head Start Policy Council starting as a parent representative and then becoming chairwoman.

Even from a sickbed, Jones demonstrated strength as she continued to work for the betterment of the community at the same time she cared for her two children.

Jones would leave the hospital and go right to work at Greater Hudson, refusing to rest or go home. Humility and selflessness were two more of her virtues. She provided support for others even when she was struggling herself. In many ways, Jones helped build the culture of Greater Hudson Promise Neighborhood. Her colleagues credit her with instilling a renewed spirit of trust and respect in the city. Jones turned a pipe dream into reality.

Tamarah Jones died last Monday after a long battle with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. She was praised throughout the community for her work with young people, so her death at only 43 makes her loss all the more tragic and ironic. She had more to give.

“She was a great influencer, a great mother, a great auntie,” Savoia Jones said last week about her sister. “She was always there for people even when she was fighting her toughest battles. She even was working when she was in the hospital. She was still on top of everything. She still cared about everybody.”

That’s a fine epitaph for any person.

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