Medical experts and scientists at SUNY Upstate Medical University are studying transmission patterns of the coronavirus in households. As research projects go, this is one of the most important since the dawn of the pandemic eight months ago.

The problem is how to combat the severity of the pandemic as a stronger virus resurgence threatens the globe through the fall and winter, seasons that also feature the threat of influenza outbreaks. Flu and COVID could turn out to be a deadly partnership.

Health professionals at Upstate Medical University, in Syracuse, are attempting to touch all bases related to the spread of the coronavirus. Research and development initiatives have been going on for months. They included virus transmission studies, the development of more efficient and saliva-based diagnostic tests, studying several emerging treatment medications and therapeutics and, of course, a coronavirus vaccine.

The worldwide Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine trial is showing about 95% success in preventing COVID-19 transmission, offering some hope. Upstate Medical University was selected as one of the global Phase III vaccine trial sites.

More than 300 adults ages 18-85 are enrolled in the Pfizer immunization trial. The facility was approved Tuesday to include young adults ages 12-17. Upstate signed a contract to conduct a study with GeneOne’s Phase I DNA coronavirus vaccination.

Whatever the results of Upstate’s massive study, the exploration for new therapies and forms of vaccines must continue. To that end, A Phase II-III vaccine trial will feature manufacturer Sanofi Pasteur, part of the Trump administration’s Operation Warp Speed to accelerate the development of a safe COVID vaccine.

At the very least, the entire health and medical professions are united to find a way to stop the coronavirus, unlike the divisive politics that got us here.

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