Some people vow not to try any COVID-19 vaccine that comes out before the election, given the Trump administration’s bizarre and blithe attitude toward the pandemic.

That’s why it’s incumbent on an independent state task force of scientists and health experts to review the safety of any federally approved COVID-19 vaccine before doses are administered to New Yorkers. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of peace of mind.

Led by the Health Department, the state’s Clinical Advisory Task Force will include dozens of physicians, health experts and top officials who will review every vaccine authorized by the federal government for distribution and advise the state on their effectiveness.

In other words, they will decide if the vaccine is the real deal or just more of President Donald Trump’s snake oil.

Yet, here is the president, repeatedly hawking a coronavirus vaccine that he says will be available before the Nov. 3 election. This from the man who suggested injecting disinfectant to cleanse our innards. Available? Maybe. Effective? Highly doubtful.

The big question will be, is the vaccine safe? We have to be sure, without a shadow of a doubt, that it’s safe to take. Trust in the Trump administration on this matter is fool’s gold. Recommending New Yorkers trust the federal government’s opinion is tantamount to medical malpractice.

Instead, we recommend placing our faith in New York state’s hospitals and research facilities, renowned as the best on the globe. A talented and dedicated group of physicians and researchers will be chosen from among these facilities.

Snake oil peddlers strike when fear and desperation are at their highest level. Don’t fall for their line. Instead, trust the experts on the task force, and when the vaccine is tested and approved, heed these words: “It’s safe to take.”

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