Gov. Kathy Hochul threw down the gauntlet and defended the state’s vaccine mandate for health workers that went into effect at midnight Tuesday. She expressed confidence the mandates would stand up under court challenges from labor unions and affected employees.

Her confidence was rewarded.

Consider these statistics:

n The percentage of nursing home staff receiving at least one COVID-19 vaccine dose increased to 92% as of Monday evening, up from 71% on Aug. 24 and 82% on Sept. 20.

n The percentage of adult care facilities staff receiving at least one COVID-19 vaccine dose increased to 89% as of Monday evening, up from 77% on Aug. 24 and 85% on Sept. 20.

n The percentage of hospital staff receiving at least one dose is 92% as of Monday evening based on preliminary self-reported data. The percentage of fully vaccinated is 85% as of Monday evening, up from 84% on Sept. 22 and 77% on Aug. 24.

The reports were issued by the governor’s office.

We are pleased to see that Hochul is taking a tough stand on vaccinations for health care workers and that, according to the latest figures, the mandates are working.

Hochul’s decision to press ahead with the mandates and the consequences for violating them was easy. The state mandates are clear.

The governor’s critics sang the blues about what they see as her “strong-arm tactics” and “bullying.”

The coronavirus has killed 660,000 Americans, higher than the death toll wrought by the influenza pandemic of 1918. It is killing people in Greene and Columbia counties. Yet the people we entrust to take care of our health are, in the argot of the day, “vaccine hesitant” — which is a politically correct way of saying they don’t want to get their shots.

The priorities of many state health care workers are clearly not in line with their jobs and, in our opinion, they are helping to put all of us at risk.

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Hochul is nothing but a tyrant. When you get rid of healthcare workers that have taken care of covid patients during the height of the pandemic without any problems with their own health and replace them with foreigners and inexperienced nursing students, that shows her complete disrespect of them and all they’ve done. And i don’t know where she gets those % of vaccinated workers. Funny it’s “self reported” since the reality is that thousands have refused to get vaccinated and there was no mad rush to do so by the deadline. Another governor on a power trip that needs to be removed!

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