As we endure firestorms and snowstorms, political controversies and predatory COVID-19, it’s time for us to take a pause of our own and savor the food gods for bestowing upon us the legend that is the Carnegie Deli.

It isn’t the real Carnegie Deli transplanted wholesale to Windham Mountain, of course. The 84-year-old culinary masterpiece launched a new partnership with Windham Mountain’s catering partner, Centerplate, on Friday.

What matters is that the Carnegie Deli menu will be replicated at Windham Mountain. Among these delights is the thing that made the Carnegie famous — towering pastrami sandwiches thick enough for two hungry people to share.

You might say the Carnegie Deli is branching out to uncharted territory. Windham will be the first ski resort to offer Carnegie Deli wonders and is the first establishment in the Hudson Valley to carry the Carnegie line.

“The way the Carnegie Deli sandwich is built, the way it’s constructed, really sets us apart from any other sandwich in the world,” is the distinction made by Carnegie Deli Brand Director Marisa Flynn on Wednesday. “It’s because of the height. It’s gargantuan. They’re skyscrapers, just like in Manhattan.”

In his 1984 small-time-showbiz comedy “Broadway Danny Rose,” Woody Allen sent a valentine to the Carnegie Deli by casting real stand-up comics in a framing story about sharing their favorite Danny Rose anecdotes in the deli’s dining room. It’s funny in itself and it captures the place’s atmosphere with insight and sensitivity.

This is not just a famous New York City eatery sharing its brand with the outside world. It’s a proud accomplishment for Windham and its ski resort and a major economic lift overall for Greene County.

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