Lose weight, spend more time with the kids, quit smoking, be a stronger person.

All of these are worthy new year resolutions but, let’s face it, they do hurt. And they hurt more in the year of COVID.

Maybe not in a physical sense, but they require discipline if we are to succeed.

In a scene in the Tina Fey comedy “Date Night,” Fey’s character reveals her most luxurious fantasy: Spending a solitary afternoon in a professionally cleaned hotel room while sipping a diet Sprite.

Fey’s dream resolution is a plummy visual gag, but there is serious truth in it. In 2021 we want order in our lives. There’s nothing like the start of a new year to get back on track, stabilize and going back to basics. We want things to go right in our lives.

A long run of good health is also in demand. We’re eating more sustainable food, so that is a good place to start caring for your heart.

Fitness is high on the priority list. While we’re at it, we could reach out to new people and make bigger circles of friends. Look another human being in the eye instead of on a cellphone or laptop. Speak with your natural voice to a person instead of texting.

Making 2021 headache-free is the best resolution we can offer. Helping ourselves to some peace, order and control our lives can’t be forgotten. And, after the battering we took in 2020, they won’t hurt a bit.

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