The Greene County Legislature’s decision to create an animal abuse registry and schedule a vote on a resolution later in July could not have been more timely in light of this week’s terrible events in Cairo. More encouraging is that the resolution now stands a good chance to pass.

Pauline Waldron, 67, is accused of attempting to decapitate one of her pet dogs, a female Australian Cattle Dog, with a sword, according to the Greene County Sheriff’s Office. Waldrom was charged Wednesday with one count of aggravated cruelty to animals, a felony, including stabbing the dog several times and then leaving the animal for eight hours to bleed nearly to death, in great pain, without seeking medical care.

The story shocked even Columbia-Greene Humane Society President and CEO Ron Perez, who in his tenure has experienced abuse cases involving animals from kittens to horses. Perez called it one of the most sickening cruelty cases he has ever seen.

“Those were some of the most gruesome pictures I have ever seen,” Perez said after looking at police photographs of the dog left bloodied from stab wounds and deep slashes.

The dog was treated at Catskill Animal Hospital and transferred to a special treatment center in the Capital Region. The dog was in extreme pain when it arrived at the hospital, according to Perez.

“I can’t imagine how someone can do this to another living creature, let alone her pet,” Perez said.

There are other animal cruelty laws that are used to prosecute grotesque and shameful cases like the one in Cairo, and it’s encouraging that the Legislature is placing its full commitment behind an animal abuse registry in Greene County, where arrests for neglect and mistreatment seem never ending. If ever the time has come for taking action against animal abuse, this is it.

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