Living in the topsy-turvy, rollercoaster world of COVID-19, we have learned to expect the unexpected. The latest example is a report from the Columbia County Department of Health stating that the county has the lowest COVID positivity rating in the Capital Region.

The New York State Department of Health records the number of positive COVID-19 tests given daily in each region and county in the state. The statistics are used to calculate the seven-day average percent positive.

Columbia County checked in Tuesday with the lowest seven-day positivity average of the eight counties that make up the Capital Region. The seven-day average percent positive in Columbia County was 3.2% as of Tuesday afternoon — the lowest number of any county in the Capital Region and the lowest for Columbia County in more than a month.

The seven-day average positivity rate in the Capital Region is 3.7% and the statewide seven-day average positivity rate is 2.2%, according to the state Department of Health. Greene County’s seven-day average positivity rate is 4.2%, or 0.5% above the Capital Region. A slight difference, yes, but one that bears watching.

Not that long ago, the Columbia County Department of Health was reporting the highest numbers of COVID cases in the Capital Region. There were single days in January 2020 the department reported positivity rates as high as 7%. It should be noted here that COVID-19’s global death toll Monday topped 5 million, 740,000 in the United States alone.

Greene and Columbia counties are in the process of organizing and scheduling booster shot clinics for eligible individuals. We strongly, strongly encourage as many people as possible to get their booster shots six months after their second vaccinations.

Overall, the local positivity rates are trending downward. It depends on all of us to keep it that way.

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