Albany is a hotbed of activity these days. You almost need a scorecard to keep up with all the rapid developments.

Gov. Kathy Hochul signed three pieces of legislation Thursday intended to curb gun violence and keep untracable guns out of New York — action that is sure to spark emotions on both sides of the gun issue. Hochul also is standing firm on her pledge to mandate COVID vaccines for children if the virus spikes again.

Meanwhile, passionate reactions to the criminal complaint filed against former Gov. Andrew Cuomo are sounding bells all over Greene and Columbia counties. State Sen. Daphne Jordan, R-Halfmoon, pulled no punches when she called it “a step in the inexorable march toward justice.”

As if these events weren’t enough, New York Attorney General Letitia James capped off an extraordinary week with the seismic announcement that she will run for governor in 2022, essentially setting up a primary battle against Hochul next summer.

Hochul’s tripartite of the Scott J. Beigel Unfinished Receiver Act, the Jose Webster Untraceable Firearms Act and legislation that amends the state’s definition of “disguised gun” to include weapons designed to appear as toys will save lives, especially those of children, if — that’s the usual “if” — they are enforced to the letter.

Cuomo will make an appearance Nov. 17 in Albany County Court to answer a charge of sexual assault filed by the Albany County Sheriff’s Office on behalf of a former staffer who accused the disgraced governor of reaching a hand under her blouse and groping her breast in the Executive Mansion last December.

James announced Friday afternoon in her Facebook video post that she is running for the state’s chief executive seat.

“I’m running for governor of New York because I have the experience, vision and courage to take on the powerful on behalf of all New Yorkers,” James said in Friday’s video.

These are the big-picture developments that make Albany must-see TV. Stay tuned.

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