An environmental travesty in Dutchess County

Robert Herzog

Imagine if some people next door to you announced they wanted to build a large construction project. Reports and analyses from respected independent reputable sources indicated that the project’s construction and operations could cause serious, permanent damage to your local waterways, to the surrounding environment, to your community. Presumably you’d be upset, and turn to whatever public organizations that were relevant to inject some reasonable level of review about the project to ascertain its potential harm, in the hopes of preventing that damage. And you’d be shocked and disappointed if they rubber stamped the project.

This environmental travesty is now unfolding in the Town of Dover, in Dutchess County, where Transco, a utility-owned conglomerate, is pushing the construction of a new electric substation. Despite numerous studies from independent third parties delineating the potential hazards of constructing and operating the proposed facility on this site, the Dover Planning Board, with minimal review, has approved the construction of this facility.

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