Paint colors that aren’t part of the rainbow

My daily routine usually goes along without a hitch; the stagger, creak and crack journey to the bathroom while all my bits and pieces decide on their position for the day. The cup of coffee that helps bring things into focus so that I can deal with all the decisions I will have to face as another day unfolds before me.

The first major decision involves wardrobe choices for the day. I’m not planning to go anywhere and since the summer monsoons seem to have ceased for the time being, I can hear my crabgrass crop calling. Lawn mowing and yard work, shorts and t-shirt; that was easy. Now the hard part, color coordinating said shorts and t-shirt. My only clean pair of shorts is a faded sort of green and the t-shirt on top in the drawer is blue, good enough.

The Queen of our castle sometimes looks askance at my outfit choices. She takes time and pride in looking her best before she leaves the house. Comfort and availability usually win out over coordination in my case.

This process got me thinking about colors. Last evening there was a beautiful sunset followed by the rising of the brightest orange full moon that I’ve seen in a long time. I paused for a moment to thank The Big Guy above for having the foresight to make humans able to enjoy colors.

Colors play an interesting role in our lives and in our language. We feel blue when we’re sad; we see red when we’re angry. We label cowards as being yellow, which I’ve always thought as being unfair to such a bright and cheery color. We color code each other as being black, white, yellow, red or brown even though I’ve never met a living person who was really any of those but actually a blend of all of them.

When it comes to colors, nothing is black or white. I learned in art class that white was the absence of color and black was a blend of all colors. Confusing as that might be, they’re still two of my favorites. We all have our favorites, I like greens and blues but then I’ve always been cool. Some folks like the warmer end of the spectrum; I guess it has something to do with your personality.

About the only time colors annoy or upset me is in the paint department in my hardware store. Who makes a living inventing the names for the paints found there? You can’t go there and find the color you are really looking for. Suppose you want to paint something white, there is rarely is a paint chip labeled simply “white,” there is Antique white, Mediterranean white, Grandma’s hair white, Off white and Almost white. There are 40 or 50 different choices for each tint of every one of the primary colors.

They’re named after foods, far off places, nature and even animals. I found a Beaver Brown once. If the primary colors are good enough for the rainbow, why can’t paint companies learn to live with them? Next time I go to the hardware store to get paint and they ask what color I’d like, I think I’m going to ask for plaid.

Thought for the week — It is better to have a lion at the head of an army of sheep, than a sheep at the head of an army of lions. — Defoe.

Until next week, may you and yours be happy and well.

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