Daily adult minimum requirement; expiration date not needed

As we age, things change. I no longer garnish my corn flakes with jelly beans. The onions that I used to hunt down and hide under my plate are now something that I use frequently in my cooking. I hate to admit the fact that I haven’t read a comic book for a great many years, they’ve been replaced by hard covered books of all sizes and shapes covering a great many diverse topics. I’ve always read newspapers but my focus has shifted from high school team scores and school menus to articles on senior health and I now read the obituaries, checking first for my name and then for anybody I may have known. Planning a shopping trip now takes whether or not the store has a restroom into consideration, something that never crossed my mind in earlier years.

I find myself reading the nutritional information on all the products I pick up in the supermarket. I’m not the only one, the aisles are full of older folks, reading glasses perched on their nose ends or arms extended to full lengths because they forgot their reading glasses. In earlier days, when these labels first came out, I read them to find out how many calories the product contained. Those were the days when rippling abs were something to be sought after. I no longer worry about such things, my abs long ago became flabs and the desire for the body of a weight lifter has been replaced with a knowledge that almost everyone thinks that The Pillsbury Dough Boy is really cute and this shape requires less sweating and more snacking. Caloric information aside, most older folks are more interested in the amount of sodium or sugar in a product. Cholesterol and trans fats are of interest. We tend to be more interested in looking alive than in looking good. I’m glad that they list all the minerals and vitamins to be found in the item since they are now of interest to me. These are to be found usually after the line — daily adult minimum requirement.

Since I find myself pondering more now than I did at an earlier age, I thought how nice it would be if we all had labels listing our minimum adult daily requirements. No vitamins or minerals, just the things that we really need for survival. The amount of love, patience, attention, friendship and caring we each contain would be listed on our label on a daily basis since it varies from day to day. We could check each others label in the morning and if our label for the day exceeded the minimum daily requirement we could share our excess with those whose levels were below what was needed to make it through the day. It sounds like a good way to make life a little nicer. I don’t know where to go to help facilitate the instillation of these labels but I don’t think I’d want the government involved.

Another thought comes to mind, while they (whoever they may be) are working out the labels for us all, it might be good if we all came with an expiration date. I don’t think I’d like to know my date so maybe it could be a bar code kind of thing tattooed on the back of a person’s neck or on their buttocks where they couldn’t be seen. Your doctor could have a scanner and with a quick swipe could advise you not to waste your time or money planning a cruise or buying a large RV to tour the country. Expiration dates are handy for meat and daily products, maybe they’d work as well for people.

Come to think of it, I’d rather not know when my expiration date is, guess I’ll just bumble along until I think my time is up then I’m going to the nearest Animal Hospital. If they can’t fix what’s wrong, they’ll have to decency to put me to sleep peacefully and then send a nice card to my relatives.

Thought for the week — A conscience doesn’t prevent sin. It only prevents you from enjoying it.

Until next week, may you and yours be happy and well.

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