PALENVILLE — The Tablet News, Brooklyn, July 3, 1948. Vacation Land of the Catskills – Home of Rip Van Winkle

“Spend your vacation in the garden spot of upper New York State, where every facility is centrally located. Within 10 minutes’ walk of any boarding house in town are churches of all denominations, also all evening entertainment. Easily reached by Bus, Boat, or Train. A local bus meets the boats.”

Palenville was as busy as the rest of Greene County. The business names located in the 1940s in Palenville were:

Chestnut Lawn House – Ideal for honeymooners. Palenville Rest – Luncheonette, Souvenirs, Bicycles, Accommodations by the day or week. A. Fazio. Cross Roads – Bar and Grill. Located in the heart of town, Specialty – Steak Sandwiches. Griffins Irish House – Bar and Restaurant. “In the foothills of the Catskills.” Merry Wood – “Rest and Play in home-like surroundings.” C. Robinson. Kenmore – “A Home away from Home.” D. Nast Mountain Melody Inn – “For Fine Food and Nightly Entertainment.” owners B. Bembi and L. Perich. The third owner above was not listed two years after the purchase. Oakwood – “Ideal Vacationland in the Catskill Mountains,” owner Karl Groneman. Woodbine Hotel – American – European Plan – Tap Room. Halloran and Schneider. Oak Lodge Tavern – On Route 32A, Open all year. Ann Burke, Proprietor. Palenville Manor – Furnished cottages. Large concrete swimming pool. Policano’s – Restaurant and Pizzeria. Neapolitan Cuisine – a la carte. Rhineland Manor – “Come up for Play & Rest & Get the Best.” Paul Herweg.

Twenty-Five years earlier, the Palenville Hotels listed in The Chat, a Brooklyn paper, on June 9, 1923, were: The New Hotel Palenville, Proprietor C. Intemann. Transient rates are $3.50 per day and up. Glueck’s Bungalows – The cabins consisted of 2, 4, or 5 rooms with baths and electric lights. They were furnished and for sale or rent. Central House – Special catering to spring and fall tourists, garage accommodations. Under giant maple trees. E. F. Schaaf, Proprietor. The Woodbine – “One of the greatest in the Catskill Mountains.” Jacob Eitol, Proprietor. Kaaterskill Clove House – Beautifully located in the village of Palenville. Entrance Rip Van Winkle Trail. Catskill View House – Beautifully situated in the heart of the Catskill Mountains. Arnold F. Schoen, Proprietor. Palenville Country Club was listed, without its name, Rip Van Winkle.

THE VILLAGE OF FALLING WATER, THE FIRST ART COLONY. IN AMERICA. A Little Information about our Friends and Neighbors to the East OF THE Mountain Top. HUNTER REVIEW – April 2, 1947

“The Intemann Inn, Palenville, owned and operated by the Intemmann family for about the last forty years, has been sold, furnished, and equipped by Christian J. (Buddy) Intemann, and wife to Louis Perich of Astoria, Long Island, and Grazio Buran and Bruno Bambi of New York City, experienced hotel and restaurant men who have formed a corporation, The Mountain Melody Inn, Inc.”

It said it would open soon and specialize in the best of foods, music, and entertainment. The Review noted Intemann’s was well-known for its dining and that the dance hall seated 250 guests. A modern residence and a large garage with sleeping quarters were included. It went with 50 acres of mountainside land with the creek running through the property.

The Hamlet of Palenville is a part of everyday life for the residents of the Mountain Top. People from the mountain drive through Palenville to go either north or south.

Palenville is a surprising area; it seems small until you drive through its back streets. The number of residents in Palenville is much more significant than one would think. The Hamlets looks loved with its many flowers and pole banners.

Palenville is a good neighbor.

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